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My BeautyShop Pal - Premium Makeup Kit - Ivory (#70145)

My BeautyShop Pal - Premium Makeup Kit - Ivory (#70145)

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My BeautyShop Pal - Premium Makeup Kit - Ivory 
Item# 70145

This kit comes with everything your child needs to be creative with makeup on a doll face. 
My BeautyShop Pal Make-up Mask is made of a special material that allows the make-up artist to erase all the make-up with the Charlene© Crème Cleanser and start again with a fresh look! 

Use the Charlene Crème Cleanser to prep the face by generously applying the Crème all over the mask prior to using. 
After practice, wipe away make-up with a tissue, then use cool water to rinse away Crème Cleanser.

Ages 8+.

We always recommend adult assistance or supervision while using heat or chemical products on the masks.

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