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My BeautyShop Pal: Basic Sara Mask Kit (#70209)

My BeautyShop Pal: Basic Sara Mask Kit (#70209)

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My BeautyShop Pal: Sara Make-up Mask Basic Tool Kit 
Item# 70209

This kit includes the basic tools needed to create a face on the Sara Make-Up Mask. Use the Charlene Crème Cleanser to prep the face by generously applying the cream all over the mask prior to using. Clean the eye area of excess Crème in order to apply the eye decals. Thereafter, choose an eye color for Sara and apply the eye decal directly to the mask.

We also offer the Charlene Make-Up Manual for step by step instructions on how to prep the skin and apply make-up. We also recommend upgrading to the full Sara Make-Up Mask and Tool Kit, which includes everything you will need to create your own face to the Sara Mask.

Age 8+

We always recommend adult assistance or supervision while using heat or chemical products on the masks.


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