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High-Lite Comb (#246)

High-Lite Comb (#246)

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High-Lite Comb 
Item# 246

* Randomly picked. Colors may vary with each pack.

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How to Use the Charlene® High-Lite Comb™.

There are many ways to design your highlights. Decide how you want yours to look before following these instructions.

1. Comb dry hair along its natural part, combing through any knots.
2. Part a small section using the rattail end of the High-Lite Comb™, one section at a time.
3. Hold the small section of hair at its tips, grasping with tension, in one hand. With the other hand, gently lower the hooks of the High-Lite Comb™, towards the hair. Lift the comb upwards in one quick motion to separate the strands.
4. Separate the strands of hair that were selected by the hooks of the comb. You may use foil on those strands.

- To achieve different results, hold the comb at different angles to create finer highlights.
- Use the comb to detangle the sections before separating your sections.
- The thicker the section, the chunkier the highlights.

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